#RecipeFriday: Boiled Plantain and Fish Stew


  1. Half ripe plantain

  2. Vegetable (Ugwu)

  3. Fresh pepper

  4. Palm oil

  5. Onions

  6. Mackerel

  7. Crayfish

  8. Seasoning

  9. Fish



  1. Wash and peel plantain, cut into sizes and boil, add a little salt to taste.

  2. Manual blend pepper and crayfish so it won’t be very smooth, slice onions, wash green vegetable and slice then set aside

  3. Wash fish, Steam with seasonings, onions, pepper, add a little water and allow to cook for some minutes, then remove from stock and grill.

  4. Put a little palm oil on medium heat, when hot, add onions, Pepper and fry briefly then add crayfish and seasonings then stir. Allow frying properly then add vegetable and store continuously for about 90 seconds, add grilled fish and keep stirring for about an extra minute and bring down from the heat.

  5. Plantain should be done and ready to be eaten, serve and enjoy! Yum!!

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