Reasons Why Bell Pepper Prices Differ

There are various types of bell pepper we probably didn’t know about, different from the common color of bell peppers we are more familiar with (red, green, orange, and yellow). Most rarely, brown, white, and dark purple bell pepper have been seen, depending on the variety. For the purpose of this write-up, we will focus on the four most common types of bell peppers found in Nigeria.

Ever wondered why the green, yellow, red and orange bell pepper never have the same prices at the grocery store? Some people even argue about the taste differences and which is most beneficial to us. Moreso, it’s shocking to find out that the red ones are always more expensive than the others.

You may wonder why that is.

According to research, the various colours don’t taste the same, and neither do they have the same nutritional values. They differ in more ways than just their colours.

Sometimes, even some store owners don’t know the reason a green bell is much cheaper than yellow, orange, or red ones. The answer is quite simple.

The green ones are the cheapest because they are unripe while the other colours were left on the plant longer which means they got the additional time to ripen with extra care from the farmers.

The secret behind this is that the consumer pays for that extra time the pepper is being cared for on the vine. Or could there be a better way to explain this?

Green bell pepper:

These are the peppers we, and so many others, grew up to know especially in Nigeria. They are grassy in flavor and most people purchase them than others mainly because they are cheaper.

All bell peppers start off being green, then they gradually turn yellow, orange, and red, as they ripen.

Yellow Bell Pepper:

The yellow bell pepper can be used as much as the red or orange pepper. It comes in between the unripe green colored pepper and the completely ripe red pepper when harvested and they are not as unsweetened as the green bell pepper and not as sweet as the red ones either.

When roasted, they turn out as beautiful as the red pepper and still retain their lovely yellow hue when cooked.

Orange Bell Pepper:

The Orange bell pepper has got thicker flesh and is much sweeter than the green and yellow peppers. It is also more expensive than green pepper and less expensive than the others.

They are often used in salads or roasted to add their bright orange color to dishes.

Red Bell Pepper:

Red pepper started out being green and then changed to other colors because they were left longer to become red and hence, it’s sweet taste. They do not only offer lots of natural flavor for very few calories, but they are also loaded with lots of nutrients.

The color and sweet flavor make it perfect for tossing into salads and other dishes. They have a shorter shelf life which has an impact on the prices.

So @Everybody , let’s have a quick chat.

If you need to cook right now with any of these, which would you go for first? Green, yellow, orange or red pepper?

I want to make an investment in agric produce, what plan do you suggest? And what’s the rate of return on investment

I would love to cook with all of them, a colourful peppery spaghetti with roast pork and croaker or salmon

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depends… for fried rice and salads, the green is preferred while for stew, i prefer the red. I also find that the green one is more expensive though.

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I would prefer cooking with the red ones

Highly informative and educative.
You are highly appreciated

Red peppers would be preferable because of nutrients

That’s a very wise decision @Tega99 …Kindly visit for new opportunity investments you can venture in.

Hmmmm… I can perceive the aroma from here.:yum:

Thank you, @Helingzeek for this feedback.

The red pepper will be okay. We known before others types.

I’m a farmer farming on 42 acres in ogun state, along abeokuta/ sagamu expressway. Where can I get these bell pepper seeds from?

Thank you,

Ayo Koya

Avokova farms

But, I think here in Ife, red ones are the cheapest because people think the other colours are specially planted and red is the normal colour.

Thanks for educating us on bell pepper, I will go for red bell pepper for my cooking

Much thanks for the topic. I will go for the red pepper first then yellow.

Iam interest to start harvesting this type of can you help about this

I would love to cook with all because it would bring beauty to the dish and help the appetite of the person that would eat the dish but if am to choose 1 will go with the red.

What are the ways one can grow this pepper in the south ,the best soil,market value and how to care for them in the vine and storage. Help me. Secondly, I need education on hibiscus flower: how to grow in, market values,right soil,weather,and season and market place.

Please, how can i participate fully in this Agricsquare???