Quail Eggs – The Super Food (34 Amazing Health Benefits)

Small in size but packed with essential minerals and vitamins

Did you know?

Quail eggs are more nutritious than most eggs, Quail eggs are richer in vitamins and minerals compared to chicken eggs. “Quail eggs contain 13 per cent protein compared to 11 per cent found in chicken eggs. They also contain 140 per cent of Vitamin B1, compared to 50 per cent found in chicken eggs,” they also contain vitmin B2 etc and Minerals like Zinc, Iron etc.

They have good type of cholestrol (HDL) and are highly proteinous.

Quail eggs are recommended as treatment or part of treatment by natural treatment practitioners depending on the illness or condition.



Quail eggs are undoubtedly very nutritious and are proven to have numerous health benefits that cut across many illnesses and health conditions common to all ages in Nigeria and the world at large .
We at Gracious Seed Quail Farm have reviewed on the health benefits of quail eggs with a view of simplifying it on this site for your benefits.
With varying opinions by numerous authors, it still remains a fact that Quail eggs have some basic characteristics that are common to all views.
Quail eggs are said to be very low in calories and little or no trace of carbohydrates. Quail eggs are full of:
Essential nutrients such as
Vitamin A (retinol)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B1
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Research also confirmed that quail eggs are antioxidants and also contain;
Omega-6 fatty acids
It is also rich in minerals such as;
Folic acid
These key essential nutrients all packed in one small Quail egg makes it a prized dietary & healing food that every Nigerian must take regularly.
It is recorded that Chinese medical practitioners have used quail eggs for thousands of years in the remedy of diseases. British researchers say that eggs should be pronounced a super food. It is said to be one of the richest in good and essential ingredients and we should consume them daily.

Quail eggs can provide:

  1. Healthy skin.
  2. Sexual potency.
  3. Remedy for kidney stones.
  4. Remedy for ulcers.
  5. Remedy for heart disease.
  6. Remedies for cancer.
  7. Remedy for anaemia
  8. Remedy for diabetes.
  9. Foetal and child brain development.
  10. Natural anti-aging.
  11. Stop asthma flair-ups.

2) GOOD FOR EYES Eating quail eggs on a regular and moderate basis has been found to be very beneficial for improving our eyesight and for protecting our eyes from damage.

This benefit of quail eggs is mainly because of the presence of antioxidants like “Vitamin A” in them. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient for our eyes and plays an important role in keeping them healthy.

In addition to this, they also fight with the free radicals of our body, stabilizes them and thus prevents them from causing oxidative damage to our cells, including the eyes.

By doing so, they protect our eyes from the risk of age-related macular degeneration and also minimizes the risk of cataract, glaucoma etc.

In addition to the antioxidants, other nutrients present in quail eggs also plays a significant role in maintaining our eye health.

Do you have a skin condition?
Does it embarrass you to let others see?
Do you wish to remedy your skin condition or prevent one from occurring?
Quail eggs can provide four solution and many more.

There are many skin conditions here in Nigeria, common among which are; eczema, psoriasis, skin damage. e.t.c.

Those affected are often embarrassed by these conditions and often hide behind their clothes at all times. Avoiding public swimming pools in day light or even take some fresh air at home. Good news is you need no longer worry. Quail eggs contain nutrients that constitute greatly to maintenance and prevention of these skin allergies.

Quail eggs control allergic skin condition by healing…Read more Here: http://agric4profit.com.ng/2018/10/30/quail-eggs-the-super-food-34-amazing-health-benefits/