Problems facing Agriculture in Africa

Although industrialized agriculture has been successful in producing large quantities of food, the future of food production is in jeopardy due to problems in agriculture. (

In this post, we have highlighted some of the problems and the effect they have in the economy:

1. Lack of Financial support
Challenging legal and financial situations are restraining growth in African agriculture. This means a lack of financial support systems which would enable farmers to grow, expand, and preserve their fields. Despite there being several micro-finance groups doing operations in Africa today, very few farmers have access to these groups, and the majority of the other farmers have no clue on how these groups operate and how they can get help from such groups in the long run. In the case of small-scale farmers, credit is regularly inaccessible and unaffordable. Without suitable financing, farmers are not only unable to invest in their operations, but also more exposed to market instability and unpredictable weather.

2. Lack of Information
This is and still remains the number one setback facing the majority of small-scale farmers in Africa, and as a result of this, a majority of them miss out on current and improved methods of farming. Specifically, those in remote areas do not have access to radio signals, and other means of communication. Additionally, some farmers do not have access to better yielding or better seeds. Research shows that there are seeds which thrive better and are disease resistant and more tolerant than others. On the other hand, these seeds are frequently sold at higher prices than regular seeds, and as a result of this, not so many farmers can afford them; and due to lack of information, some farmers don’t know such seeds exist.

3. Poor Access to markets and lack of good transportation.
This is also one of the major issues facing agriculture throughout Africa as a whole. Most farm produce in Africa goes to waste in the remote areas because the majority of farmers find it hard transporting their farm produce to the market to sell. This is because there is no existence of roads, and most remote areas are cut-off from the rest of the world. Furthermore, in the rural areas there are no proper storage facilities and perishable goods e.g. tomatoes, green vegetables, onions, get spoilt.

4. Lack of access to fertilizer
In Africa, most poor farmers farm on the same pieces of land over and over again leading to degradation because agricultural lands have become so expensive in Africa. As a result of this degradation leads to fertile lands losing most of their nutrients and become unproductive or barren. Therefore, farmers depend on the majority of artificial fertilizers to enable them to cultivate crops on the same piece of land time and time again. Artificial fertilizers are rather expensive in Africa and are completely unavailable in rural areas.
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There are even more problems which are yet to be identified.

Which of the above have a major effect on the state of agriculture in your community or area?
How are you tackling these issues?

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Lack of good road is one of the major problems that we farmers are facing in my community, and this problem is affecting us a lot especially, while transporting goods from harvesting place to the market place.

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Wow… Where is your community?

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I’m living in Oyo town


Wao u are form oyo town where precisely am also from OYO town

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I’m living at Saabo area

The in my community we farm very well but roads became one of the most critical challenges

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