Primate Ayodele to FGN: Oil will soon dry up, focus on agriculture

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari that agriculture is the only way to get Nigeria out of the present hardship, as oil which has been the major focus will soon dry up.

In a statement on Tuesday, Ayodele said the economy is in its current “sickening state” because the government has not done the right thing to make it boom.

“The Nigerian economy is under serious threat. Things are not getting better yet the government is not being truthful about it. They claim the dollar will reduce but it’s a lie, because they have not done the right thing.

“Rice will not go back to 16,000; the dollar cannot go back to 300 or 350. Yam price will be very costly all because the government is not ready to put the economy in order,” he said.

Ayodele said it’s unfortunate that some influential people are not talking about it because some are looking for favour from the government.

“They choose to tell them lies. Of a truth, the government doesn’t like those who speak the truth, and that’s why we are suffering at this moment,” he said.

He said there will still be more hardship and the economy will be in shambles except the government takes every step to intentionally redesign it.

This he said will start from the federal down to the state level.

“They continue borrowing money and amass our debt, but has any changes happened yet? That shows the government isn’t getting things right on the economy,” he noted.

The cleric said if the government is ready to solve the current economic crisis, it should first take its focus away from oil and look into agriculture.

“I see oil drying up in 12 to 15 years time; and except we quickly work on a sustainable alternative, which is agriculture, then Nigerians have not seen anything yet as regards economic hardship.

“I want to advise the government to strengthen the farmers, work on the agricultural sector instead of focusing on oil,” he said.

I hope the next generation of leaders will consider agriculture. Oil won’t always be there for us but our lands will still yield fruits. I mean, with our land resource, we can find the world and better our economy.


Exactly, we have large expanse of land to exploit and we shouldn’t wait for the next generation of leaders, it should start from now.