Practical Ways To Farming: A Detailed Explanation

One will prefer to buy a car for 5m pays 150,000 monthly installment for 5years.
That’s cash can start 2 acres of tomatoes farm, that will be fatching him minimum of 150,000 every week he harvest, and can increase to millions.
After 3yrs this land will give an annual profit of ± 5m.

The 5m profit can be used to buy residential apartments for leasing in the city, or used to expand the farm giving him more profit. These are the small mistakes that we make and end up leaving our children with nothing.

Do you desire investing in farming but you lack the requisite knowledge and skills or you simply want to improve your knowledge of various aspect of Agriculture?

Then I have just the right things for you… I have put together over 1000 practical ebooks from top training institutes and research centres and farms from various parts of our world.

From these ebooks, you will learn about:

-Plantain and Banana farming :banana:
-Rice planting and progressing :ear_of_rice::ear_of_rice:
-Tomatoes :tomato::tomato:
-Cucumber :cucumber::cucumber:
-Pepper :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:
-Maize :corn::corn:
-Soybeans and other -Legumes :peanuts:
-Mushroom :mushroom::mushroom:
-Moringa :herb::herb:
-Fruit Farming :tangerine::tomato::lemon:
-Setting up and running a green house farm
and other lucrative crops
You will also get materials on organic farming like
-Production of compost
Vermiculture (earthworm farming)

You will also get materials on
-Bee and honey production :honey_pot::honey_pot:
-Beef and dairy cattle production :cow2::cow2::ox:
-Goat rearing :goat::sheep::ram:
-Poultry production (quail, chicken, turkey, duck etc,) :duck::rooster::turkey:
-Pig :pig2::pig2:
-Snail farming :snail::shell:
-Rabbit production and processing :rabbit2::rabbit2:
-Fish farming and Aquaculture :fish::tropical_fish::shrimp::crab:
-Grass cutter farming :rat::rat: and many more

Including Materials on
-Food processing
-How to make cassava chips and flour
-How to make potatoes chips and flour
-Honey processing
-How to package agricultural products

You will also get materials on
-Using ICT agricultural for marketing :computer::computer::man_technologist:t2:
-Creating and Running a farmers cooperative :man_farmer:t4::woman_farmer:t5:
-Sourcing for funds :dollar::moneybag:
-Writing well detailed agricultural business plan :bookmark_tabs::bookmark_tabs:
-And also learn new ways of agricultural production

You will get all this materials and more for just a stipend of ₦7500 or 20 US$
As a bonus i will give you the links to over 100 WhatsApp farming groups where you can interact with other farmers.

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This is the season to go into agriculture and adequate knowledge is the key
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