Poultry feeding

Hello guys, I run a small poultry farm… The cost of feeding my birds is getting her every day, I mean the cost of buying the conventional bird feeds is really skyrocketing… So I began to research to find other ways to feed my birds so i can cut costs … Then I stumbled upon a video on YouTube in which cassava peels were transformed into peels … But the little challenge i have now is that i dont the nutritional value of the cassava peel feed… I dont know if It can effectively replace the normal bird feeds… Pls i need professional advice even if it comes at a cost i qm willing to pay … I cant afford to play trial and error with my birds…If you know you can help me pls leave comments below

U have to be very careful with cassava peel because cassava contains antynutritional factors which can cause disease in poultry, and before u can use cassava peel, u must sun dry it before adding to the poultry feed. I think best way is to get maize and grayfish or fish dust with the concentration to increase the quality and quantity of the feed because poultry need protein and other ingredients for their growth and development.

Thanks alot pal… i know about the hydrogen cyanide in the peels… I have learnt how to process it fully in the bird feed … You know maize and soya beans which constitute the protein in the feeds and they are both expensive now … My question is can cassava peel meal effectively replace the maize feed meal