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For me, please I need advice on organic ways I can use to control pest infestation of my tete vegetables. Organic ways only please

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Hi, good to know that young farmers are interested in embracing organic farming. I suggest you try a combination of garlic and pepper solution and spray it both on the top and bottom sides of your plants. Most farmers make the mistake of spraying just the top part, not knowing that some pests have adapted by learning to lay their eggs at the bottom side of the leaves.
You combine a blended mix of garlic and pepper…let it sit for some hours till it starts to get funky (sour and smelly). A good dose of sunny weather ought to give you the required results…i personally prefer leaving my own mix overnight. Afterwards, you sieve out the pure liquid part and mix in more water and spray over your crops as you would your normal pesticide. You can also use a combo of mild soap(unscented) and pepper too. Same procedure but you don’t have to keep it as you did the pepper and garlic mix. Dont forget, SPRAY BOTH THE TOP AND BOTTOM SIDE OF THE LEAVES


Thank you very much… I’m extremely grateful
Wish you more success in your dealings


Hello, I have practised this recommendation but it doesn’t seem to work. I did exactly as directed but there was no visible effect. Any suggestions please

Hi, Max. Sorry to hear that the effect wasn’t positive. I would suggest for the sake of the crops and your investment you go for the synthetic pesticide and do it IMMEDIATELY because these pests tend to affect crops rapidly. Cheers