Please i need advice on how to run a commercial chilli pepper farm

please i need all the best advice on how to start a Chilli pepper farm, dry and export them to the needed area for commercial purpose.
I plan on siting the farm at kaduna state and i want to produce in large quantities.
This is the reason why am i searched and joined this community.
Thanks your advice will is appreciated.


I what aspect how to produce seedling or what?

Can you come for training on irrigation farming system

i lack ideas in the seedings, and the type of fertilizer to use,And the specifics i need is when exactly can i lay the seedings, and how long after it germinates before i can transplant to the permanent area.

I wold have loved to buh, i dont really have the time beacuse of my present Job.

Okay. There is know problem

Where do you intended setting up the farm?

Kaduna State. thats my place of choice.

Thanks for the IV, i might still contact ur farm in future.

Write me on whatsapp 08157996564… I can help you

Thanks for your kind offer, But i Prefer writing to ur mail

Call me 08144779911. Am in kaduna.

ok, u will see my call soon