Pig farming in Nigeria

Is there any pig farmer here that i could connect with? Just to share ideas and challenges with?

Also are there people here who sell feeds? GNC, Soya, brewery wastes and the likes…

I am a new pig farmer and trying to get a grip of the whole thing. I currently have challenges procuring some specific feeds around me. Also i have been looking for a pureline boar to help my farm.

I have questions that needs a practicing pig farmer to help answer or relate to.



Hello @Everybody, Are you a pig farmer or know any pig farmer? Kindly reply this message, @adediranbisola needs your help and experience. Thanks


No I’m fishing farming

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I know of a pig farmer doing well. I’m hoping to do something in that area also.

Ademola Ayeni

I’m a pig farmer in Osun state.


What do u need to know about pig farming

Hello goodmorning, am a pig farmer. What service do you need.

What does the person really want?

We offer consultancy services about agricultural practices and agribusiness with our residual knowledge and experience about pig farming practices, If you need any help on the subject matter,
Please Contact : 07016360591

Or What’s app : 08150338877


Sheriff Value Addition concepts.

Come to Ogbomoso I will take you to where pig farming venture thrives!

Yes call me or whatsap. 07060584464

I’m a consultant. You may wish to contact me. 08033177710

I want to advertise our new feed app on agricsquare. How do I go about it?

I need some information on snail farming.

Thank you.

Hello what do you want really, I have piggery farm to let out or lease in Ogun state. You can reach me via 08034124643

Yes I know someone and am anticipating to become one soon

Hello, Nikola, hope you’re doing well.
I have been a Pig farmer, but took a break for sometime now after I suffered swine fever attack.

I will be glad if I can be of any help.

Kind regards.

Chuwang, Jos

I know everything about pig Farming, I do online training on pig as ND other Livestock farming.

Yes I do pig farming

Good morning.I know a pig farmer and what do you want him to do for you.