Our Story In Portharcout

Do you stay in the city of Portharcout?

Join us tomorrow as we unveil the first strawberry garden in the state.

Admission free!
Time 3pm
Location: Woji near artillery
Date: 30th April 2019.

Call/WhatsApp: 08134700705

Just seeing this and I live in PH close to this venue. Can you keep me posted on another of this? 0706-490-9150.


Happy live now!!! In Portharcout come Learn to stay alive

I don’t understand this propaganda. After all initial communications with you. I have been waiting since 3pm. The venue of your event is not communicated. No reply to my SMS and my calls (more than 10 times) not answered. I think we should be more responsible than this!

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Excuse us sir! Why don’t we watch our mouth here! You don’t expect us to pick calls when we are busy! Come to Woji opposite white house by 7am and see things starting

Our Story!

It all started in Jan of twenty eighteen when we began our journey of strawberry farming in Nigeria. After about six months we where able come up with a new specie know as the hybrid sweet Eva, it wasn’t easy for we to farm it, but with your support we crossed the hurdles on the way.
We are also grateful to those from Portharcout that provided the funds and space for the program. We are also grateful to @⁨WOJI⁩ and @⁨WOW⁩ that took their time to stand by the program even when we came late, and to you grate minds on this forum. To @⁨angelqueenrider1⁩ that always refer this forum and @⁨Zonal Pst⁩ for support, we also appreciate @⁨Chi⁩ and @⁨PH STR⁩ for their hospitality we had to stay in their house. We also appreciate @everyone for their calls and support!
Ladies and gentle men I present the first major Blueberry and Raspberry farm(large Scale in Nigeria) owned by @⁨cheapmarketdeal⁩
We also want to appreciate @⁨Ota Client⁩ and @⁨MEBIC ORGANICS:⁩ for paying for the trainings and farms in their respective locations! We remain grateful.

I am David Ezeonyekwere .