Organic poultry farming (part 1)

Organic Poultry Production has been on the increase in Nigeria lately with people searching and asking questions on how to achieve it. Some have succeeded in achieving this great fit by subscribing either to an online training or a physical one. However, there are still a lot of people interested in it but cannot afford the trainings available or haven’t found any one who is actually practicing it. There are also those who have joined several online groups hoping to learn before they venture into. But unfortunately, some people who claim to have knowledge of this practice are internet farmers who are experts in copy and paste. They don’t even know some of the basic principles of poultry generally but of course they are keyboard warriors. They will write how you can make 3million Naira in 6weeks from 500 birds. How they come about this baffles me.
My aim is to share tips and my experience on organic poultry production for everyone who is interested in this practice and also to encourage conventional farmers to key into this.
Before you can succeed with organic farming the following must be your driving force.

  1. PASSION :
    Before you start anything you must have interest in it. You must be passionate about such thing. When people say running a poultry farm is stressful, you see it as fun even when it’s time to pack the litter. Lol

    I will use myself as an example. My first attempt were 7 cockerel and I lost 5 in three days, I also got 10 turkey and lost 7. There was also a time I got 100 chicks and lost 45 within a week and at the end of it all I didn’t get a single feather to sell. Meaning I lost my investment. But I didn’t give up, I didn’t see it as a failure but as an experience and I learnt. My mum said to me "the only business you do and “may” get Photosynthesis
    fit is drug peddling. The word “may” was used to indicate if you weren’t caught while dealing in such business. So it’s even highly dangerous to get involved in such in the first place.

3.PATIENCE : You must understand that nothing good comes easy. Your first attempt may not yield your expected profit which is usually the case. You “may” and “may not” succeed at first as you read my first above. You must also know that your birds need you around them. You need to be patient and vigilant. Stay inside the pen, by the cage or around them to identify any abnormalities. There is always a sign if they are uncomfortable.

4.INTEGRITY: This is the benchmark of all the three above. If you possess all those three and lack this one, you don’t have anything. Integrity takes you far in life. When a customer wants just two chickens and pays maybe #3000. And another customer wants same and is offering #5000, pls attend to the first customer. The major mistake some people make in business is always looking at the money. Yes the purpose of business is to make profit but not always. Attend to your customers on a first come first serve bases. You need to build a relationship with your customers because you will always need them. To me every customer is “important” but not “always right” as some people would say