Organic Fertilizer

Our Plant Extract based 100% will be available for sale in Nigeria from Late March 2020. The products are made from input material certified by International Certification agencies and time tested for last 20 years with amazing result. Extremely rewarding result. Our intention is to support organic agriculture in Nigeria. Let us join hands


Please let me know as quickly as possible, when it’s out

Interested. Keep me updated. I’m in

Please, I’ll need this Organic Fertilizer for my farm this season. Kindly advise me on how to get it. Thank you.

Due to the present situation the products are getting delayed. However, we are trying to get it by end of May, early June 2020. Our products are very versatile and can be used at any stage of plant growth. For further details you can visit website

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Due to unprecedented situation our material is getting delayed and will reach Nigeria by late May or early June 2020. We wi keep you informed. Local production in Lagia by July 2020. However, our products are very versatile and can be applied at any stage of plant growth. Pls visit website for more information.

Thank you. Please get me informed as soon as it arrives Nigeria.

Hope there are not too expensive

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We are working on the requirement of the farmers today and intend to provide them the best at a cost very much affordable to the community. That is the reason we are setting up the factory in Lagos. We will use low cost locally available material (natural clayey material) as carrier, blend it with concentrated plant based fertilizer after due dilution and thus keep the cost down. We are getting delayed because of the prevailing situation, but will be there in the market as soon as the situation normalizes.

Looking for ward to your patronage & support please.

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Keep me posted on the availability