Organic castor oil available for pick up

What Is Castor Farming?
It is the complete process of growing the castor plant, harvesting and exporting.

.Business Opportunities Available In Castor Farming
1). Cosmetics Production:
Among many of its uses, castor products are used in the production of cosmetics as it can enhance the absorption of other cosmetic ingredients. It also makes an excellent moisturizer, thus having more value in the cosmetics industry.
2). Soap Production:
Castor is used in soap as it is known for its cleansing properties. It is a common ingredient in soapy products such as solid bubble bath.
3). Machine Lubricants:
The castor plant is rich in unique oil properties, and this could be very effective as a lubricant for various forms of machinery.
4). Pharmaceuticals:
Castor oil is commonly used as a laxative and for the induction of labour. It is rich in many health properties and acid, which increases its validity.
5). Production Of Biofuel:
Castor bean has been used for many years as an industrial oilseed crop in the production of biofuel because of its high seed oil content, unique fatty acid composition and as well, potentially high oil yields.

.Facts And Benefits Of Castor Production In Nigeria.

.Helps maintain healthy hair and scalp
.Prevents acne
.Castor oil helps in balancing hormones in the human body
.Castor oil can be used on wounds to speed up healing and protect against infections
.Reduces causes of migraine
.Contains anti-inflammatory properties
.Serves as a laxative which helps in relief of the bowels
.It acts as a skin and hair hydrant
.It is the only commercial source of a hydroxylated fatty acid.

30 litters of organic castor oil is available for pick up, for more details you can contact me on 08064647990.

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