Oil palm farm for sale


A. Location

The Oil Palm farm consist of 26 acres (10.4 hectares) of farmland situated at Tadi Village, Butu-butu, Ona Ara LGA of Oyo State. The land itself was originally bought in 2004. The cultivated farm of Oil Palm, Plantain, Banana and Teak trees, itself is now about 11 years. It is half surrounded by the Asejire River, which goes round the farm for about half a kilometre.

B. Farm Content
Around 16 acres (6.4 Hectares) of land have been cultivated already with the following

  1. 2500 Oil Palm trees – with all trees matured and already fruiting and regularly harvested. Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) producing palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm fronds, palm trunks, empty fruit bunches, press fibre (from the mesocarp of the fruit), palm kernel endocarp, palm kernel press cake, and palm oil mill effluent
  2. 1000 mixed plantains and bananas trees always harvested. Plantain (Musa × paradisiaca and bananas (Musa acuminata × balbisiana)
  3. Over 200 Teak trees, (Tectona grandis), a tropical hardwood tree used as electric poles, furniture, etc in Nigeria, already in maturity and some harvested and sold, but the stump already growing new trees.
  4. 10 acres (4 hectares) unused; but previously used for pineapple, so remnant of pineapple remains on the land.
    I have invested approx. N0.50 million every year, since 2007 to date into the farm; this does not include the cost of the land itself (N2 million)
    We cultivate most of the land manually with cassava or maize yearly. We want to retain the organic nature of the farms produce.
    C. Accessibility

The farm is located off the Ibadan-Ife Expressway, with a turning just after Egbeda, the headquarters of Egbeda LG, Oyo State; going to the main villages of Badeku, Jago and Butubutu; and about 10 kilometres from the main Ibadan-Ife road and about a kilometre from Tadi village itself.

Along this stretch of road are visible commercial and mechanised agricultural activities such as plantain, cassava, maize and most especially, piggery, poultry and oil palm farms along the road. Off the road are also many similar agricultural activities

The over 5 km stretch of road from the Ibadan-Ife Expressway was tarred up to Butubutu Village as far back as 2002 by the Lam Adesina Administration but has since fallen into serious disrepair due to acute lack of maintenance by subsequent administrations and like most rural roads in Nigeria, its motor-ability is worsened during the rainy season.

D. Topography

The 26-acre farm rest on rolling topography, sloping slightly from the upper area to the River Asejire banks. It is the ideal topography for oil palm as it is not hilly and therefor the application of mechanised farming can be effective, e.g. tractors and accessories. There is limited information on how topography affects soil fertility and oil palm yields, however, the proximity to a large river is an advantage.

E. Other Opportunities

The presence of a large body of flowing water, the River Asejire, part of the great Osun River, also offers many opportunities and advantages to the farm. Fish farming or Aquaculture can be done on the farm with ease. Also, with just one or two pumping machines and a well-laid out irrigation network, complete irrigation and wetting of the farm can be done.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, okra, cucumbers, etc can also be grown effectively and successfully with proper management.

F. Environmental Advantages

In Africa, the situation is very different compared to Indonesia or Malaysia. In its Human Development Report 2007-2008, the United Nations Development Program says production of palm oil in West Africa is largely sustainable, mainly because it is undertaken on a smallholder level without resorting to diversity-damaging monoculture. The United Nations Food and Agriculture program is encouraging small farmers across Africa to grow palm oil, because the crop offers opportunities to improve livelihoods and incomes for the poor.

Food and cosmetics companies, including ADM, Unilever, Cargill, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Kraft and Burger King, are driving the demand for new palm oil supplies, demand was partly driven by a need for a replacement for high trans-fat content oils.

Although palm oil is used in the production of biofuels and proposals have been made to use it in large installations, a 2012 report by the International Food Policy Research Institute concluded that the increase in palm oil production is related to food demands, not biofuel demands.

G. Type of Exiting Land Title

  1. Certificate of Statutory Right of Occupation (from the original seller of said land) dated 27th May 1994 and Registered No 22, page 22 in Volume 3137 at the Lands Registry, Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria

  2. Deed of Assignment, duly signed and dated, from the original seller of the said land to the current owner.

  3. Full Survey Plan (Red Copy) of said land.

H. Asking Price & Terms and Conditions

Full survey and valuation of the land by a qualified Agriculture Valuer will be essential in determining the Asking Price, for now, but please feel free to make an offer.

I. Contact

akinadejum@aol.com or WhatsApp +234 805 8940912; Phone: +447849602132

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