Non-GMO Farm Produce

Non GMO Maize, Soybeans, Peanut, Guinea corn available in large quantity. We are looking for genuine buyers only.
We have the capacity of 50000MT/month. FOB to any destination. We do 100% irrevocable LC.

Genuine buyers only!

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Hi Non-GMO Farm Produce,

Do you have a farm in Nigeria?

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Hi there,

Yes we do have a farm here in Nigeria.

Please we will like to know you well Jennifer.


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Hi ObrianFarm,

I am delighted to be acquainted with you. I am a distributor of SUPER GRO - an Organic Liquid Fertilizer formulated purely from animal waste. Super Gro increases yield of farm produce by over 50% and also enhances the capability of other plant products like fungicides, pesticides etc. The key to Super Gro is in its ability to make water wetter, thereby enhancing the plants access to the soil nutrients. This inert ability makes Super Gro the ideal fertilizer for both dry and rainy season. Since it is high concentrated farmers and gardeners save more.

1litre Super Gro/ 1000ml water for an acre of land.

For more information Please call/ text 0802 590 3294

To receive a detailed document on this product send me your email address.

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