Nigeria's fast-moving cash crops and exportation gap

Farmers in Nigeria have been urged to produce crops and other products based on guided industrial demands to reduce gluts, marketing challenges, gross importation and capital flight, as well as to build economic resilience based on agriculture.

Nigeria is deficient in the production of most crops, and industrialists do capitailise on this to import virtually all industrial crop. This has discouraged most farmers and puts the country in a difficult agro-economic position causing too much pressure on the exchange rate and fueling inflation, unemployment and rising poverty level amid industrial failure.

According to the Food and Agriculture Services (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture, Nigeria is deficient in maize, rice, wheat and oil palm production, among others.

However, there are areas of strength, such as cocoa, cashew, ginger, turmeric, garlic, cassava, yam and beans, moringa seeds and leaves, among others, which the country produces in excess.

Source: The Guardian