Nigerians consider boycotting beef over Mitetti Allah's proposed N2m price per cow

In recent times, economic hardship has pushed a lot of middle-class Nigerians to be improvisive in their choices of food, especially meat, which is becoming increasingly expensive in local abattoirs.

To make matters worse, the Miyetti Alllah association has raised concerns that if the proposed antigrazing bill is passed into law in southern states, it will result in the increase of the price of cows.

In clear terms, the herders’ organisation disclosed that one cow may sell for as high as N2 million if the bill is signed.

But being who they are, Nigerians are often ready to take on the worst case scenerios, and as such have started thinking of ways to get meat other than beef.

Most of those who are now thinking of boycotting beef because of the perceived increase of its price spoke on their survival strategies online like buying chicken, snails, fish, goat meat, prawns and pork.

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