Nigerian Young Beekeepers Set To Mark World Bee Day

To commemorate the 2021 World Bee Day, Nigerian young beekeepers under the aegis of the Youth for Apiculture Initiative (YFAI) in collaboration with a not-for-profit NGO, The Rural Environmental Empowerment Initiative (T.R.E.E. Initiative) will co-host what they term the largest convergence of young apiculturists in Africa in Abuja for a 2-day Nigerian Youth Beekeepers Summit (NYBS).

The event is coming on the heels of the need to put the Apiculture sector in Nigeria at the fore of the food security and environmental conservation agenda of government at all levels.

The Apiculture sector which is responsible for the pollination of crops, production of honey and other hives related product have not been given required support to flourish and expand. It has remained largely ignored and un-catered for by Government and investors.

The Apiculture (Beekeeping) industry though unrecognised and not properly classified plays a significant role in the food production process considering that bees pollinate over 80 per cent of the crops we eat and their pollination activities increase crop yield significantly thereby boosting food production. Nigeria’s potential in Beekeeping is yet to be explored, and this is based on a comparative analysis of the country’s land size and vegetative cover as against those other African countries like Ethiopia which today is Africa’s current largest producer of honey and honey products.

Source: Tribune Online