Nigerian States Involve In Timber Cultivation And Its Processing

Nigeria was once a one-time largest exporter of timber in West Africa, and the major areas of production located in the rain forest areas such as; Cross River, Edo, Ondo, Ogun, and Delta State.

Timber or Lumbering is predominant in areas with high rainfall, Nigeria is one of those areas with high rainfall and numerous rain forest and is widely engaged in lumbering.

The trees are planted and allowed for 3-5years to mature after which is fell or cut down from the stem, it is then processed into beams and planks.

The trees lumber can either be a hardwood like Mahogany, White Oak, and Ebony or softwood like Hemlock, Fir, Cedar and many more, softwood is readily available and consist about 80% of lumber than hardwood which takes longer time to grow.

Timber cultivation in Nigeria and in all other parts of the world is very beneficial, as it doesn’t only provide opportunities for its use in all kinds of wood work and furniture but it is also safe, readily available and naturally anti-corrosive.

The wood or lumber is used in wide application such as;

• It’s processed into pulpwood, which is used in paper making.

• Used for furniture works.

• Lumber is mainly used for structural purposes.

Source: Finelib