Nigerian Borders are still closed?

Reading the news again, I realized there seem to be no plan at all to have them open in the foreseeable future. Taking a cue from what the Minister of Agriculture, Mohammed Sabo Nanono said about this development, its only hopeless to wait on any good news.

According to report from Guardian Newspaper, He said: “Nigerian farmers have been performing well by producing such food items as rice, millet, guinea corn, and Shea butter, among others. We are not ready to reopen the borders, which is why the Federal Government is ready to support the dry season farming to regain what farmers lost to the flood disaster.”

Can someone advise if this is delusional or everyone is just impatient?

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Hi Shaka,
Your topic is very deep. Another question we need to equip our government is what is happening to the cost of local produce like rice and the rest, especially onions. Nothing is still affordable. Do we depend on dollar to farm - Just asking though. It is insane.

Why can’t we get affordable local produce? and if we can, where can we get it?