Nigeria’s 180 Million Bird Population 2nd Largest In Africa ― NIAS

The National Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) has said that Nigeria has the second-largest number of poultry in Africa with 180 million, and with the largest annual egg production at 650 metric tons.

The Registrar of NIAS, Professor Eustace Iyayi during a press conference on the Institute’s upcoming conference, said poultry contributes 25 per cent to agriculture Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He also said that the country currently produces about 600 metric tons of milk, while its annual consumption stands at 1.6 million which it imports.

Professor Iyayi said the outcome of the upcoming conference of the NIAS which will be held in Akwa-Ibom State with the theme “livestock resilience in post-COVID-19 Era will be useful for policy alignment by the government.

He said the conference will also help engender developmental research, innovation platforms and practitioners’ engagement in a triple-helical model that will stimulate town-gown interaction for an economic renaissance with animal agriculture as a pivot.

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