NextOgaInAgric TV Reality Show

And so we have it concluded with our TV partner for #NextOgaInAgricTVRealityShow
We are set to launch the first ever youth based agro TV reality show in Nigeria
If you are farming or you are into general Agro business and you need fund for your agric business
#grant. You may just finding your way to becoming the next face of agric boss in nigeria
follow us today, be on the look out for launch date and register ASAP
*TIPS: You will register and get audition date and venue ,
You will be required put your ideas in presentation forms
you will present before panel of judges while the whole world watches you pitching your idea
you will be giving 1million grant for your pitch free.
Best of luck
Follow the handle on IG, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Here today @nextogainagric

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