Newbies to Farming (Let's learn together)


There are many folks who have written about their desire to get into agriculture. It would be good to know how they have progressed so far and how many are 4 years, 3 years, 2 years and 1 year old, in farming. Also, how many have graduated to the next level by increasing their area under cultivation and how many are still struggling.

I am also one of those contemplating the steps required to get into farming. Like everybody else from a non-farming background, I have been following the path of reading ZBNF books, watching Youtube videos, enrolling myself into a few workshops and arming myself with some amount of theoretical knowledge and planning internships before the next phase of trying out experiments on a small piece of land.

Lot of people start solo and it is quite a daunting journey. It may be good to start with a few partners so that the cash burn is minimised and all the learnings are absorbed. At the end of a certain period, each of the partners may be ready to go their separate ways, after having learnt the tricks of the trade without burning too much cash.

So @Everybody let’s share what our current challenges are and have the experts in the community profer solutions to them


i am still a student. I’m in my final year and I’m currently saving up money to go into farming during NYSC. i have researched on a lot of topics and interests but the ones that are here to stay seem to be vegetables and cucumber and maybe eventually rice.
Ive thought about interning too for a while before i get into the farming for myself and it would depend on the state i get posted to for exams.


Awesome! You are welcome @feranmi Please whats the name of your school ?


covenant university . . .


Oh Great, Kindly DM your phone number.I would like to have phone chat with you.


Am currently in Ogun state. Was supposed to be a learning period for me and my colleagues on tomatoes, pepper, cucumber and many other livestock but the body that organised the program crash due to lack of feasibility study and professional hands. But despite that the few of us refused to leave the area without the learning, we started to pair form groups of 4’s, 5’s and 8’s. Some doing tomatoes, some pepper, some cucumber. Some vegetables. I am currently in the group doing fish farming (hatchery) for catfish and will soon start up my vegetables



Nice work… How has the learning journey been for you?


Great and tasking but persistence is key


I am new and interested in maize cassava water melon and cucumber . I have not done any before


Oh Wow… That’s cool. Here’s a great way to start with these articles:

Have you started a farm at all or you have one now? Here’s a chance to participate in a contest. Click the link below to read all about it:


Can I get information about cocoa farming pls? Its really urgent. I need to know how to get people to buy and how to export it. Thank you


Hey @AdunniAde,
We once had a topic on our #farm-advice series about Farmers Advice Series: Market Access Oppourtunities For Fresh Agricultural Produce

You should read through. I believe it would really help. Thanks