New of agriculture through Agrichainx

Agrichainx Equity Crowdfunding Campaign
Invest in Africa Agrictech Startup
Powered by Blockchain,
IoT and Big Data.

Agrichainx is an agricultural blockchain based ecosystem which features a descentralised market place to enable farmers-consumers trade using a smart contract, a public-private funded network of cold storage facilities, a supply chain solution to track product quality and movement, a data base of a farmers across the world on blockchain, a universal token to enable fast processing of funds and execution of smart contract, a crowd funding modules for farmers to raise funds using smart contracts, AgricHub that facilitates regional activities taking place inside the agrichainx ecosystem.
1 Stakes N50, 000 $150
0.5 Stakes N30, 000 $85
0.25 Stakes N20, 000 $60$7phI5.p
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