NAQS Clarifies Donkey Hide Still On Export Prohibition List

The Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) has clarified that donkey hide remains on the Export Prohibition List of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and cannot be taken out of Nigeria. NAQS stressed that the resumption of the certification of that commodity for export hinges on the rebound of the Nigerian donkey herd, which is still classified as an endangered species.

Reacting to a news report that erroneously suggested that NAQS had resumed the certification of donkey skin for export, Director General of the agency, Dr. Vincent Isegbe, in a statement, pointed out that the agency met with all the relevant associations in September last year to chart a course toward restocking the donkeys through breeding and ranching in order to put the animals beyond the threat of extinction.

Isegbe added that government would consider delisting donkey hide from the contraband category only after the scale has tilted in favour of the recovery of the Nigerian donkeys. Indeed, findings shows that the decline of the donkey population in the country was driven by surging demand for donkey hide in Asia. The product is used in making potions and items presumed to have therapeutic and cosmetic value.

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