My Study In Cucumber Farming: A Lucrative But Challenging Adventure

My Study In Cucumber Farming: A Lucrative But Challenging Adventure.

Complied By: David Ezeonyekwere(Founder of Dece Agro and Farms).

Variety Used: Greengo F1, Saira F1, Mona Lisa F1 & Cu99.

Fertilizer Used: Organic & Synthetic.

Type of Farming: Open Field with the use of drip irrigation.

Season Of Farming: Dry and Raining Season.

Location For Study: Delta, Lagos, Ondo, Osun and Oyo.

Duration Of Study: 1year and 9months. (Concurrently amongst all locations)

Challenges Encountered: Fungal, Insects, and Water.

Size Of Land Used For Study: A plot (100ft by 100ft, approximately 31by31m).

Spacing Used: 30cm by 1m.

Harvest: 6 weeks, max plus 3 day.

A single cucumber plant when handle properly can give an average of 5 cucumbers per plants(for the above listed variety, you get up to 7 sometimes).
Using a spacing of 0.3cm and two plants per hole, you get 200 per 30m ridge. Say we keep 20% of each ridge population as mortality, we have 180 per ridge, multiplied by 30 ridge, we get 5,400 plants. Now each plants can yield 5 fruits, multiplied by 5,400 equals 27,000 fruits. A bag of cucumber is between 80-100 fruits on an average,( though higher for greengo f1 around 90-120 for it.)
Dividing, we get 270 bags, and a bag of cumcumber is averagely 4000naira in the above used states for case study, (we are using 3000 naira ), that equals 810,000 naira in one months of harvest.

Observation: From the third harvest of cucumber, the size begins to drop and such the big consume more, and there is lots of cucumber abortion.

Note: Prone regularly, I recommend every two weeks, right application of fertilizer and sprays.

Conclusion: While study might necessary mean conclusion, provides a guildline to my experience in cumcumber farming.
Factor in cost of fertilizer and other factors.

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