My Rabbit Farm and Orchard farm!


He is Igbondo Shehu from Benue, he is into Rabbit farming and Orchard farm. 08094939800.


Welcome… Would you like to team up with people for a project?


Sure! Looking forward to meet more person interested in keeping rabbits for research, meat and medical practicals! Thanks.


Sure, looking forward to meeting people who are interested in keeping rabbits and starting Orchard farms


Hello, I have interest in keeping Rabbi


I am ready to put you through once you are ready.


Am into rabbit farming too and I would love to team up


Awesome. @Skullshehu @Olabamise78 and @Sheon You both can exchange numbers and team up for a project.

We would love to know the process when things kick off…


Hello, I am interested in rearing rabbit. Would love to know the process. WhatsApp no: 08035792273. Thanks


Let us discuss here so that others too can benefet.


Sheon, how many rabbits do you have presently? How many males/female.


Great idea!!! We would love to read all about this…


Currently I have 06 Female and 04 Male Rabbits with 04 Female and 03 Male Guinea Pigs


Its good for a small farm start. Are they in a cage or concrete building?


Some are in cages mostly the females while the rest are in a baricaded open space.

How.many rabbit do you have?