My Poultry Experience

I started my internship at the poultry unit of the research farm at Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology. It was a wonderful experience as I was able to practice the things we read in our manuals concerning Feed Formula and Feed mixing for poultry birds.
I did a little research on Poultry in Nigeria and found out Nigeria’s annual demand for outlets value chain was over 500 billion nails. About 165 million birds, 650,000 metric tones of eggs and 290,000 metric tonnes of meat are demanded annually but only 30 percent of this demand can be met by local production,the remaining 70 percent are sourced for from foreign countries.
Further,I also found out about egg powder which can be produced from egg and the Nigeria’s egg powder industry is worth $1 billion dollars but only one company located in Ogun state produces it and the company can barely meet up 5 percent of the market demand. Making egg powder is important because it reduces wastage of raw eggs which has a shelf life of four weeks since the powder can last up to a year and is useful in the preparation of foods such as ice-cream,bread,cakes,biscuits,noodles and doughnuts.
Additionally, a reports from Harvard school of Public health and other experts have stated that there’s no relationship between egg consumption and cardiovascular disease as it is Saturday fat that raises cholesterol and not dietary fat,hence the “moderate egg consumption which is defined as one egg per day is not associated with increased risk of heart diseases”.
Although the poultry industry has its only challenges for example,the problem of availability of feed and susceptibility of birds to diseases,there is a lot of opportunities for youths in this industry.
Like@Tsekohol Denison always say" the AgricFood industry is a trillion dollar industry,be positioned and don’t be a lazy youth", find ways to create a job for yourself.


Good research . Thank you for this insightful discovery