My Journey With 13k In Agriculture

Good afternoon house, let me start by introducing my self. I have been on nairaland since 2016, and registered an account in 2017 using CheapMarketDeal, but the account was deactivated.

I started my business in agriculture and on the 10th of April Makes it 7years I have been in agriculture. I initially started after dropping out of UniLag(not expelled) and selling my only property (my laptop) for 13k. That period I visited Benue having been based in Delta, and I noticed yams as cheap as sand, that way when the journey started.

The Journey: I sold my laptop after many promises and disappointment from friend and family in terms of cash. By selling yams I was able to hit my first 1m at age 17. And diversified into onions sales visiting Kano, Sokoto, and Kebbi for trade.
I was opportune to visit Plateau state in 2018, where I saw strawberry for the first time in my life( as in fresh farm) , I started selling this fruit made an average of 100k per week from this trade.

Note: It has not been easy as the first four trips I had where met with failure as I ran series of lost. Had to switch to advert to pull the first supply of 200 tubers of yams. But break through came by the 5th trip. Also have to train myself in professional sourcing of commodities. And have to meet and familiarize with them. Today I have visit all states in Nigeria. Run a biz and I coach other who what to do the biz.

Aid: Recently I wrote a book on food stuff business and we covered strawberry, rice, yam, soya beans and corn business including Benue and Taraba state. The book is available if you are interested in electronic form(PDF) and it goes for 1,000 naira only. Check out my signature to get the across to us.
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Meanwhile drop your questions and I will answer all for free to the best of my ability.

Thanks a lot for this, I have been planning this trip to Benue for a while but I needed some encouragement and proof, which I just got. Kudos.

@Elixir beforebyou travelled understand Benue state properly and there market system it all explained in the book

Okay thanks. I have actually stayed in Benue before butvjust for six months. I have a friend there anyway that knows the terrain well. Thanks a lot

True but do you know Taraba is cheaper, do you know there?

For real? I don’t oh Taraba haven’t been there before. But love to visit when start up.

You can its cheaper than Benue and you can buy the eBook to check the differences between the two @Elixir

How can i get the e-book sir

@Henry_Bold WhatsApp 08134700705