Mind-Blowing Benefits of Sliced Bread Beside Making Sandwiches

Do you know slice bread has some other benefits aside making sandwiches? In this article, we’ll show you some amazing and cool things sliced bread can do. Whether the sliced bread is from a grocery store or from the roadside, all you need is just one slice to try this out. I’m really excited to share this with you guys, stay tuned!

6 Sliced-bread benefits aside from making sandwiches

1. Safer Clean Up for Broken Glasses:

I’m sure you are already wondering how this is an amazing benefit. Well, next time you break a glass, use a slice of your bread to pick up the tiny pieces of the broken glass instead of your hands. The porous texture of the bread will grab a hold of the pieces you can’t even see. It is safer. Cool right? Just be sure to throw out the piece of bread afterwards.

2. Absorbs Odour:

Sliced bread has high water absorption capacity which makes it easier to absorb smell. Here’s how. Simply place one slice of bread in a small dish and pour some vinegar over it. Place the dish in a stinky spot for a few hours (or overnight ), let the vinegar+ bread absorb any stinky odours in the room. It’s a simple, all-natural odour eliminator.

3. Making Breadcrumbs:

Making your own breadcrumbs is so much easier than you can imagine with this! All you need to do is, tear up a few pieces of bread, dry it up and place inside your blender, blend the bread in bursts until you have breadcrumbs of the size you want. This works best with bread that’s a few days old but, you can put bread in a 200-degree oven to dry it out before blending.

4. Removes Excess Fat from Soup:

Soup, particularly meat stew, often has excess fat content. If you notice this fatty layer on top of your soup, just place a piece of bread on top for a few seconds. Let the bread soak up the fat, and get it out! Simple and easy.

5. Keep Soft Things Soft:

The moisture in a sliced bread will help keep other foods soft & fresh. This works great for freshly baked cookies, brown sugar, and biscuits. Place a quarter slice of bread into a jar or container, allow it stay for a few days and watch how thecookies will absorb moisture from the bread keeping them soft for a longer time.You can replace the bread when it starts to harden (If the cookies last that long).

6. Cleans Photos and Oil paintings:

How cool can this be? A slice of bread has the perfect texture for erasing and cleaning dirt off glossy pictures and oil paintings. It won’t damage the materials, and it works amazingly well!

7. Absorbs Salt:

Do you know bread can help absorb salt from your already over-salted dish? If you discover you already made the mistake of adding excess salt to your dish, soak a stale crust of bread in the dish for a few minutes and allow it to absorb the excess salt.

Check out this cool stuff a slice of bread can do! Which of this do you find shocking the most?

@Everybody Have you tried any of these? Let us know.

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Dear Aye,

Thanks for the info very revealing.



Absorbing excess fat from soup and it works.

I have also used bread slices to remove burnt aromas from food and it works likewise.

This post is very helpful. I am knowing about using bread to reduce salt for the first time. Thanks

This is interesting. I will try all of this. Thank you.

Glad to hear this @Loveking, can you share how you used the bread for your burnt food, did you also add vinegar?

You’re welcome, we’re glad to help you learn more.

Please try it and let’s know the result. Thanks.

No I didn’t. I simply left some sliced bread on the white rice surface and covered the pot for about 10mins for the bread to absorb the burnt smell then I uncovered and disposed the slices and the rice was good for serving guests

Almost all are amazing but number 4 and 7 are most to me.

Thank you for the information.


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