Mechanized Farming

Questions to Ask yourself for the 2019 Planting Season

Consider and answer the following questions for a profitable 2019 planting season:

  1. How many acres can I/We ADEQUATELY put into cultivation?
  2. What am I/We producing on the farm this year?
  3. What is my/Our target market for this produce?
  4. What are my/Our costs of production
  5. Do I/We have the funds available to finance this venture?
    b. If no – Where do I/We expect to raise funds from (Please don’t wait for those grants and promises that you have been waiting on for the last 3 years)
  6. What challenges did I/We encounter last year?
  7. What am I/We going to do differently this year to mitigate or eliminate those challenges?
  8. Do I/We belong to a group with related interest? Why? Or Why not?
  9. What did I/We learn from the group last year?
  10. What did I/We contribute to the group last year? Am I an asset or a liability to the group? Please don’t ask what can the group do for me, ask what can I/we contribute to this group to make it more interesting and profitable?
  11. Do I/We have a Tractor or am I/We going to rent?
  12. If I/We have a tractor, is it serviced ready to go, or am I/We PROSCRATINATING till the last minute to do what I/We should have done?

Should you need assistance to satisfactorily answer any of these questions reach out to us on Watsapp +832-994-8074 with the following information:

Your Name or Group Name:
Town/Village of Farming Operations:
Local Government Area:
Telephone No:
How many acres in production in 2018:
Anticipated Acres to put in Production in 2019:
Have a Tractor? Yes:___ No:___
When do you plan to do your 1st plough in 2019?
How can we help you?It is time again to prepare your ground for planting.


I think these are questions @everyone and @Everybody needs to answer…

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For the information . I have interest but the WhatsApp number is not complete. Please resend the number I want to chat with you for the advancement of my farming this year.

Thanks for the cooperation.

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Pls, help me out to get Agric Loan to boost my Agric production.

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Hello @Tunde15, Kindly visit the link below to see available funds:

Hello guys…Am bringing this post up again for new members to ask themselves and answer for a profitable planting season.

Please drop your comment below and stand a chance to WIN recharge cards :grin:

Terms and condition include :

  • Answer all questions
  • Tag a friend to answer as well
  • End your comment with this (:+1: )


Please try +1832-994-8074

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I know it could be very tempting to obtain a loan to pursue agricultural venture; however, I will STRONGLY advice you against such until you have gained some experience in farming.

How long have you been a practicing farmer?

What do you grow?

How many acres do you have under cultivation?

What LGA is your farm?

Do you belong to a Farmers Cooperative Society?

Do you have a Business Plan for your farm?

These and so many other questions you should address in writing and be true to yourself before you start obtaining a loan for Agricultural purposes to save yourself a lot of financial head ache.

Just my one cent advice.

Please pardon my tardiness in replying.

I was in Nigeria for some six weeks and could not access my mails.

You can reach me on whatsapp +1832 994 8074.

I will be more than glad to answer your agric related questions.

Thank you.

Yomi Ogunbiyi