Mechanized Farming


Questions to Ask yourself for the 2019 Planting Season

Consider and answer the following questions for a profitable 2019 planting season:

  1. How many acres can I/We ADEQUATELY put into cultivation?
  2. What am I/We producing on the farm this year?
  3. What is my/Our target market for this produce?
  4. What are my/Our costs of production
  5. Do I/We have the funds available to finance this venture?
    b. If no – Where do I/We expect to raise funds from (Please don’t wait for those grants and promises that you have been waiting on for the last 3 years)
  6. What challenges did I/We encounter last year?
  7. What am I/We going to do differently this year to mitigate or eliminate those challenges?
  8. Do I/We belong to a group with related interest? Why? Or Why not?
  9. What did I/We learn from the group last year?
  10. What did I/We contribute to the group last year? Am I an asset or a liability to the group? Please don’t ask what can the group do for me, ask what can I/we contribute to this group to make it more interesting and profitable?
  11. Do I/We have a Tractor or am I/We going to rent?
  12. If I/We have a tractor, is it serviced ready to go, or am I/We PROSCRATINATING till the last minute to do what I/We should have done?

Should you need assistance to satisfactorily answer any of these questions reach out to us on Watsapp +832-994-8074 with the following information:

Your Name or Group Name:
Town/Village of Farming Operations:
Local Government Area:
Telephone No:
How many acres in production in 2018:
Anticipated Acres to put in Production in 2019:
Have a Tractor? Yes:___ No:___
When do you plan to do your 1st plough in 2019?
How can we help you?It is time again to prepare your ground for planting.


I think these are questions @everyone and @Everybody needs to answer…


For the information . I have interest but the WhatsApp number is not complete. Please resend the number I want to chat with you for the advancement of my farming this year.

Thanks for the cooperation.


Pls, help me out to get Agric Loan to boost my Agric production.


Hello @Tunde15, Kindly visit the link below to see available funds: