Marketing in agriculture


Marketing is act of selling and advertising products or services to the prosfective consumers. Any entreprenur,business person or a farmer is after market in other to offer his products or service to the customers. The development of any business or farming depend on a good marketing. But my consern here will restrict on marketing in agriculture.
In agricultural marketing it involves all the activities that will take place from the point of production to the final consumers.After a farmer have harvested his farm produce his target is market to offer them for sell,some farmers will find customers for their products befor even harvesting so as soon as they harvest they already have customer to buy,and that is a wonderfull idear,while some will not do so at the first place which it’s not advisable to adopt such a manner.
Note it’s imfortant befor you run into any business to ensure that you have customers available. In agricultural marketing there are some agent that involve in the process know as MARKETING AGENT.
Marketing agent are people or process that goods and services pass through befor they are offered for sell which include the following:
*The farmer/producer.
*Private middlement/Individuals.
*Co-operative soceities.
Agricultural marketing provide income to farmers,employment to numirouse number of people,it improve people living standerd and also contribute to the national economy.