Marie Ekhator: Austrian helping Jos farmers regenerate soil

Getting crops to do well is often seen as something agrochemicals can fix; either fertilizer when it strictly yields or herbicides when there are weeds. However, as most farmers are more concerned about yield, regenerating the soil and ensuring its ability to support healthy plants has often been overlooked. This is where regenerative agriculture (RegenAg) comes in.

“The Regenerative Agriculture movement is big and fast evolving. It goes beyond sustainable farming because conventional agriculture has depleted the agricultural landscape, hence the need for regeneration. Nigeria, though acknowledges this need, is somewhat lagging behind,” says Marie Ekhator, CEO, Mama-Itohan RegenSoil, an Austrian this reporter met on a trip to Jos. No less by sheer coincidence in a place she had been experimenting foreign varieties to see those that would do well in Nigeria, Jos in particular will always come back to improve agriculture, and then your income. The basis of regenerative agriculture is the soil,” she said. “As a farmer, you should be aware the soil is where everything comes from; since life generates life.”

Ekhator would later explain in an email, that the bottom line of RegenAg is regeneration of soil. Every farmer will agree that the soil is of apex importance. Today we understand more about the soil as a habitat of microorganisms, plant roots and their intriguing communication and interaction. This opens a completely new approach to agricultural operations, moving away from Darwin’s model of “Survival of the fittest” to “Survival of the best team workers”.

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