List of made in Nigeria rice

Hello everyone, I’m trying to write a comprehensive article/report on all the made in Nigeria rice so that everyone can know them and know where to get them.

Kindly comment below with any information you may have about any made in Nigeria rice brands, and I will do the compilation.


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Interestingly I seem to know non.
Dangote rice if that’s not branding. There is a rice mill plant in makurdi along uniagric road if still functional till date.
Well that’s about all.
Looking forward to your release.

It seems indigenous rice producers are not keen about publicising their brand name due to different reasons, but i know of Umza, Al Hamsad, FarmTain Rice among plenty others.

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Palatable, clean and stone-free Nigeria made (local) rice is available at @ #16,000 per bag.
Interested customer can Call 07062538220 for more details.


There is Japdan, from Plateau. Big Bull from Kebbi. Mama Pride from Nasarawa. Labana rice in think should be either Kano or Jigawa

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Lake rice. I once see this rice in Lagos but I don’t know were is produced.

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