Let's Tour North Western Nigeria

Let do it again!!!

Learn about #food #culture #farming #prices and have a first hand experience of the #northwestern #nigeria

“Let’s Tour Northwest Nigeria”

Learn about the wonders from Kaduna to Kebbi!!!

Start date: April 30th, 2021

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Join us as we explore the beauty of North Western Nigeria.

David Ezeonyekwere (host).

#kaduna first call point!!

From #abuja to #kaduna via #train!


This Zaria, home of Queen Amina of Zaria, and ABU Zaria.

What we found in Kasuwa Dan Magaji (Zaria)

Pic 1. Entrance to ABU Zaria.

Pic 2. Basket Of Tomatoes 4,000 (20-25 custard Rubber).

Pic 3. Bag of #onions - 7000

Pic 4. Bag of Pepper - 6000

Pic 5. 10pcs of Apples sold sold for 1000

Pic 6. A bag of beans sold for 36-38k (note Igabi LGA, Not Zaria).

Pic 7. Baby cows sold for between 40-65k

Pic 8. Kaluwa - 250/mudu

#nigeria is bless!!!

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We are in Kano now, let’s tour North Western Nigeria.

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Winter Squash (also called Kabewa in Hausa - Used in making soup when cooked and for thickening meals) with a ratio of #vitamine A,B & C, and host of other minerals, this plant makes one of the daily foods of the #hausa people in #kano guess what? I bought it for 1000 naira per piece (they still cheated me).

Pic 2,3,&4. Dawanu grains market in #kano , collectively I call it the warehouse market, as I personally counted more than 500 company sign post, or warehouses and trucks collectively! This is a market for all types of grains, and their are plenty of trucks to any part of the country.

Pic 5. Burnt spent rice grains, used in making feeds, for #poultry and #fishes

Pic 6. Used locally in treating cough, cold & fever in children, especially when mixed with mint leaves, the locals call it Kajiji

Pic 7. Forgotten the name but sweet die!

Pic 8. Onions in nylon sold for 350 per sack.

Pic 9. Pic of me on M. Mohammed road Kano!

The north is #blessed
Both in #farming & #industrial doings.

Join us as we continue our tour through #jigawa (next stop), #daura (Kastina State - Home of Pres. Buhari), & Niger Republic.

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Note: There are too many markets to cover in Kano (we will only cover the one our budget can carry!).

Good morning Jigawa State!!!

Good morning the good people of Kazaure town and LGA!!

Next Call Point Daura (Home Of President Buhari).

Aside from being the home of the current President of Nigeria (Gen. M. Buhari), #daura doubles as both the LGA headquarters, the spiritual home, and founding place of the #hausa tribe, it is located less than 21km from the Nigerian boarder with Niger!

The other states of the Hausa Tribe includes, #kano #rano #zazzau (also called Zaria), #kastina #biram #gobir including Daura!
While the other tribes which was birthed by the first son of the founder includes Yauri, Nupe amongst other.

The town is well secured from the Jigawa axis, by the presence of the Quick Response Forces (Nigerian Army), and from the Niger Republic side by 171 Battalion (Nigerian Army), their is the presence of the Nigerian police, Customs, Immigration, NDLEA, amongst others, including DSS (unofficially told).

15km from the town is Maiadu’a market which sits just at the boarder (infact you fit put one leg inside and outside Nigeria), where things are sold to the cheapest bit, though its a cattle market!

For example
Tomatoes 2000 (8 paint rubber)
Bag of Onions 5000 (100kg)
Dawadawa 300 (100pcs)
Zobo. (Habiscus leafs) 5000/bag
Cattle ranging from 10k for Rams and goats
Bag of pepper 3000 amongst others.

Join us for more as we move towards ZAMFARA state.

Known for its vast lands, as the 11th largest state in Nigeria, #zamfara is known for its large production of rice, maize, cotton, and #gold

It’s is a very important state, due to its linkage between #sokoto and #kastina

Their are several markets in the state from Central Market in Gusau (pic 1&2), Tsafe (for dried pepper) amongst others!!!

Though the issues of insecurity has largely be container, their is still packets of attacks, and fear amongst residents.

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Next stop is #Sokoto.

Known as the seat of the #caliphate #sokotostate (more importantly Sokoto, is known as for its #agricultural wonders).

It’s is headed by a #sultan which doubles as the head of all the #muslims in Nigeria.

Sokoto places an important role in the production of #grains and livestock’s.

With a bag of 100kg A-grade rice going for as low as 46-48k, #food items are generally cheap in this town (for a #foodie this is the best part).

More importantly, onions 2k na like 7k own for #asaba

What’s your opinion about #sokoto

Let’s hear in the comments section!
Next stop Kebbi state.

This is #arugungu #kebbi the last state on our list in the tour of the north! Known for its fishing festival, it’s a major producer of #rice
It’s host the presence of major rice coy (Watcot), and it’s also a field for other rice big boys.

The town is said to have never been conquered by the #fulani warriors, due to their alliance with warriors from Kabbawa tribe amongst others who have their origin to Niger Republic.

I also had the opportunity to meet Prof. Sou, and Mr. Usman from Burkina Faso, where I was grilled and taught extensively on rice farming, I was walked through the varieties, ranging from Faro44, to 60 to 54 to other improved breeds on lowlands and high lands, also on the the availability of paddy!

For 2 year I have been looking for opportunity to meet Prof. Sou and his team, collectively the valley of rice (as I call it, contains 55ha of #rice )

Also I was shown local means of storing rice for years, how to transport rice with camel amongst other.

Want to learn about rice from Prof Sou? Watch our video on YouTube on our channel @cheapmarketdeal (link in our bio)

Or via this link:: https://youtu.be/RPwdrFC9YnY

Prof. Sou is a seasoned rice expert and was part of a team that researched on a new variety of rice.

Northwest Tour Done & Dusted!

7 states covered

25+ LGA

400+ cities, town’s and villages.

1000+km covered by road, water & air.

25+ new dishes eaten, new products found.

100 new contacts made.

And many more.

This couldn’t have been possible without your patronage, prayers, and care. Most especially to those that called (Mrs Vivian say she go flog me say I too they waka waka).

Thank you and God bless you people richly!!

Let do it again!

Upcoming tours:

Northeast 3., Southsouth 1. Southeast 1. Southwest 1. North Central 1. West Africa 1

Thanks once more…

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if you have or made (properly cooked o).

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Join us as we explore the beauty of North Western Nigeria.

David Ezeonyekwere (host).