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My farm is located in Delta State and I plant yams, cassava and cocoa yam.


My location is ikorodu igbe larra ijede /shelu farms
To boost my agriculture farming I do plantains farming catfish and poultry farming consultant too
I need 3million to buy some farm input like fertilizer etc
25years old www.vanguard on/line plantain plantation farming in Nigeria by shelu Alfred abu 08034741415

From ikorodu to ijede stop at ginti bus stop a bike to shelu farms

@CheapMarketDeal Can you assist @Mensah with fertilizer supply? Thanks.

@Adebayo1 kindly contact @CheapMarketDeal for irrigation equipment. Let’s know if this was helpful.

Hi @LIfeGate, let’s share an article on hydroponic farming you would like:

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@Stelymu What do you cultivate on this farm?

Hello @Nwaoma, let’s share a few article on goat farming to help out.

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Hi @Dasan_Fwang_an_Samue, Kindly specific which information on the livestock farming you would like to know more about, in the meantime let’s share articles that can help you further.

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Hello,a million thanks,this is so helpful.Thank you so much.

Hi @Olanubi, kindly read through the article below for more info.

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Good morning and thanks for the email. It helped a bit, but didn’t address my major issues.
Secondly, my name is Ihuoma, not Nwaoma.



My farm is located at Ibarapa

Precisely, Igangan, Ibarapa North local government of Oyo state

Total of about 10 hectares

I’m into maize and cassava cropping mainly

while planting cashew, palm, teak (gedu tree) as my long term investment

I need help fencing my farm against cow herders who plunder the farm incessantly

I need improved crop varieties

I need connections for maize n cassava marketing with optimum profit


Apologies for that, but your name is spelt @Nwaoma on our system here. We’ll get back to you on the goat farmers connect. Thanks for your feedback.

It is my privilege to introduce myself:
Abraham Adeoye is my name,I am a builder and a zealous reseacher as well as a passionate livestock farmer with emphasis on organic breeding and special attention to Rabbits and Poultry birds but recently ventured into fruits and vegetables farming of which we recorded a major success than we expected in Cucumber,Watermelon,Tomatoes and Garden egg etc.

We also tried our hands in corn and sweet potatoes farming and it was all a success story as well.All these we tried on just 3 acres of land which we leased for a year expiring by December 31,2019.

We are at the verge of arquirng and moving to a 6 acre land around a place called Odan Itoran off Owode Idiroko road,it is our desire to acquire a minimum of 30acre or more within the next one year to accommodate our expansion plan by the grace of God.

Among our plans are:


  1. Embark on large scale production of meat rabbits,grasscutter ,goats, rams as well chickens,turkeys,guinue fowl, quails and ducks

  2. Install a 21,000 Capacity Hatchery for the production of day old poultry birds (For meat, Table egg, Day old chicks production)

  3. A Fodder Production House for large scale production of Hydroponic Fodder (animal feed)

  4. A BSF farm house for large scale production of Black Soldier Flies (BSF) a pure organic pellet feeds for all poultry birds and fishes.This is also an organic protein and fat source for animal feeds which shall be produced from d animal wastes.

  5. Setting up a slaughter house for processing and packaging of our our livestock and distribution to our proposed branded outlets etc

This is just to mention a few of our plans.

It is my pleasure to identify or be identified with Agricsquare.

God bless.

Abraham Adeoye

We’re honored to have you on board @Abadeoye, thank you for sharing this with us. Cheers!

Ok, I get why it’s so. No stress!
My apologies.

Thanks a lot for the goat farmers connect, I look forward to it!