#Let's Stay Connected

Happy Monday People! :dancer::dancer::dancer: I know we have loads of passionate farmers and agriculture enthusiast in the house that would like to connect and be updated in our agriculture space. So today, we are creating this little opportunity for our members to meet and stay connected once again.


For this to happen, read and follow the instructions below:

Please kindly re-introduce yourself below letโ€™s meet you and answer these questions:

  1. Where is your farm located?
  2. What do you plant?
  3. What do you need help with at the moment aside loans?

@Everybody Weโ€™ll like to meet you once again, and please share how long you have been farming as well and if you do livestock or do other services, please share also.

Letโ€™s stay connected!

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Farm Location: Ibadan, Oyo State
Farm Produce: Plantain
Required Help: Industrial Buyer

Location: FCT
Crop: Watermelon
Help: With getting paying customers for profit.

Am a retiree and live in abuja. Iโ€™d welcome tuition on tilapia
, cat fish and snail farming. Thanks in advance.

I am Mahmud Olowo, CEO Mamolhak Global Integrated Services.
1 - We are into Integrated farming, Greenhouse and Poultry.

2 - We are located at Diko Niger State Nigeria and we plant vegetables.

3 - We will like to know about preservation and processing of Agrocommodities.

Farm location: Ijebu area( Itele). Crops: Vegetables. Need: Expertise and market info

Good day to you all.

I am Olusegun from Osogbo, Osun State.

  1. Where is your farm located? - Igi gogoro community
  2. What do you plant? - Pineapple and plantain
  3. What do you need help with at the moment aside loans? - chemical to use for weed clearance that will not affect plant, which is active, experience, modern seed and equipment to make things easier.


My farm is located at mosunmore off shagamu abeokuta road. Though another farm is at iju ishaga water corporation reserved land. I plant vegetables , maize and cassava. Major problem is marketing.

My farm is located at iyana isasi Ojo Lagos. I am into livestock, I specialize in dock, ram, turkey, goats and snail. The major problem is capital to improve product and expansion, the banks arenโ€™t favorable to me and they demand high interest with shortime to pay loan, maybe you should try to help me out with the issue

Good day Sir,just want to start a Poultry Farm but no cash to start,I already worked on d Business Plan and how to start so please I want a Loan to work on it and even employ people on d Plan.Steven

My name is Duniya Fidelis I am from kaduna state Nigeria and my farm is located in Farman in Zango KATAF kaduna state, I farm Ginger and Rice. I have bags I want to sell and I need support of fertilizer.

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Farm Location: Abeokuta, Ogun State
Farm Produce: Plantain
Required Help: irrigation equipment

Hi,my farm is located in Gboko, Benue State.
I have pure honey,palm oil,palm kernel nuts,Soya beans.

I need contact with willing buyers,information on hydroponic farming.

I forgot, have been farming for 2years now.

My farm is located @ No 4, Ijefon Village, Awe, Oyo State. I am into livestock (Poultry) farming and crop farming. I need knowledge of how to apply technology to my activities. I have being in the business for the last 5 years.

Farm Produce: PLANTAIN


I am Olufemi Adedoyin Idowu. Farm is known as P-SEED Farms. I plants Watermelon and Plantain. I have some acres @ Wasimi and some others @ ijebu igbo, Osun farm settlement boundary of ijebu igbo

Good day, I have my farm at Ilogbo,Ogun State.

I grow pineapples and plantain.

I am also into animal husbandry.

Rearing cows and sheep.

It is very interesting.

I need market for the pineapple.

My ultimate goal is to purchase about 10acres of land for the cows in an area earmarked for animal husbandry in Ogun State or Lagos State.

I do hope your advice will be appreciated.

A-G Farms.

Yusuf SA

My farm is in Shittumu.At the back if Zuba.Presently I planted yam and maize.

My name is Stella Nwanganga my new start farm is located at no 38 Nze ogborhill Aba. I need help to build up the business to a good standard.