Learn Strawberry Business Today By 1pm

Do you know strawberries grow in Nigeria.
Do you know you can start this business with less than 40,000 naira.
Learn how to make money from selling this fruit.
Do you know that strawberries grow in Nigeria?
Join us today by 1pm as we unravel the wealth in Strawberries!
How to sell to big firms and eateries.
Most strawberry fruits you see in supermarkets are locally sourced with few imported.
Learn how to buy and resell or how to grow it in the comfort of your backyard.

Strawberry Business In Nigeria.

What is the Business
Factors to consider
-Start up Cash
-How to source
-Durability of the produce

Forms of Strawberry Business.
-Direct sales
-Direct Sales

How to Locate The produce
Establishing a Contact.
Financial Implication


How to grow strawberry in your house
Contacting a dealer
Locating the farm from Lagos,Onitsha, Port Harcourt.

Extra: How to Make Money From The business.

Brocolii, Radish, Lettuce and beetroot in view.

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