Lavaside – For Fly Free Farm and Odourless Poultry Manure

Continuing the discussion from Profitability of Poultry Farming in Nigeria:

Lavaside is a poultry feed supplement which controls certain species of the House Fly ( Musca Domestica ), Black Soldier Fly ( Hermetia Iliucens ), Lesser Housefly ( Fannia Canicularis ), Stable Fly ( Stomoxys Calcitrans ), and also fleas ( Siphonaptera spp ) which may develop in poultry manure.

It reduces the nuisance of fly and larvae in poultry pen. It ensures a firm and dry poultry manure. Also, it reduces bad odour on the farm.

Benefits of Lavaside

  1. It reduces larvae and flies on the farm
  2. It helps to reduce ammonia formation in the litter
  3. It ensures firm and dry poultry litter
  4. It ensures odourless poultry manure
  5. It reduces the risk of verror borne disease
  6. It makes the birds stress-free


Cyromazine (feed grade) 1% per kilogramme


Mix 250g-500g to a ton of poultry feed every day for 4-6 weeks regularly or until the fly population is under control. Then discontinue until fly population increases again.

Source: AfriMash