Kwara Govt Begins Digital Census Of Farmers, Agric Value Chain

Kwara State Government on Monday identified farmers’ census through digitisation of agricultural value chain as a key parameter to ensure the success of the Kwara State Agricultural Transformation Plan launched earlier in the year for effective planning and support to the sector in the state.

“Digitisation of the agricultural value chain is the bedrock of the success of the Agricultural Transformation Plan. In that plan, we have six major players in 27 implementable programmes which we believe will transform the face of agriculture in the state if well-executed,” Technical Assistant to the Governor on Agriculture AbdulQuawiy Olododo said at the opening of stakeholders’ sensitisation workshop on digitisation of agricultural value chain.

“Farmer’s databank has to be the number one thing on the Agricultural Transformation Plan. This is simply because we know the importance of data. For us to achieve huge success, we need to work with data. It will give us a strong foundation upon which we will work on. Without robust and reliable data, we cannot achieve success in the agricultural sector.”

Olododo said the state could not embark on data capturing of farmers without the inputs of farmers on how the programme will be run for a successful outcome.

“The most interesting thing about the exercise is that it is not just about headcount or registering people. For the first time in the history of Kwara State, we will be digitising the agricultural value chain in the state and every information that will be taken will be hoisted in the cloud. This means that in the years to come we can always fall back on these data,” he said.

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