Investment Clubs for agriculture business

Most time people have this good business ideas, but find it so difficult to raise funds for it’s execution. Investment clubs is one of the ways of raising funds. Group of friends or family members or church members can form an investment club together, develop an investment policy and raise funds for the agreed business venture.
For example, 10 friends can raise N50,000 each to make N500,000 which can be invested on plantain farming.
With just N500, 000, friends can buy one acre of land in Oyo state for Just N250,000 and invest the balance on clearing the land and purchase of suckers. In less than 1years they will get back their capital.

I hope this will help because am talking from experience.


i agree with you 100’%

It’s a nice veiw, but Is there any investment in farming in oyo State where you can invest money and maybe after a year,you can get some return with you capital?

Even if the N500k is used on 2 plots of land for plantain farming, you will still recover the capital invested and still continue making money from it.