Intensive Training On Food Stuff Business

Did you miss the previous training?
Here is another opportunity!!
Learn Food stuff business 2.
Learn the act of buying and selling everywhere!

Date 18th-24th March, 2019.
Venue: WhatsApp
Fee: 1,000 naira.

Course Outline:

•Introduction to Foodstuff Business.
~Commodities to consider.
-Salad Item

  • Stock Fish
    •Introduction to Yam Business
    -States Of Consideration
    -Similarities between all state
    -How to transport
    -Major market
    Do and don’t the different markets.

•Beans Business In Nigeria
-Dawanu Market
-Mutum Biu Market
-Gombe Beans Market
-Deruwa Market

•Strawberry Business in Nigeria.
-Cost Of doing the business in Lagos, Portharcout, Enugu, Onitsha etc.
-Factors to consider
-How to sell
-How to source and transport

•Onions Business
~How locate this states

•Tomatoes Business
~Comprehensive analysis of Abuja,Zaria,Nano, and JOS tomatoes market.

•Salad Market in View
Broccoli,Raddish, Celery, Presley etc.

• Ginger Trade In Nigeria
Sokoto as the power hub.
~Factors to consider
~Form Of Trade.

  • Dried Split ginger.

• Stock Fish Business
State of consideration
-Bui Fish Market
-Tailer Fish Market
Ibi Fish Market(night market)

~Dried Meat Business
~How to transport (generally)
~Palm Kernel Oil(PKO) business

Extra Bonus:
~Soya beans Business
~Maize(corn) business
Enugu, Portharcout, and Kano market pattern.

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