IITA’s BASICS Model Offers New Opportunity For Africa To Ramp Up Yields


A new seed system model developed by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) under the Project—Building an Economically Sustainable Cassava Seed Systems, Phase 2 (BASICS II) is helping African countries such as Nigeria and Tanzania to ramp up yields to more than 25 tons per hectare, experts and farmers revealed at the recently held National Cassava Seed Summit in Abuja.

Known as the BASICS model, the seed system approach creates an ecosystem of seed actors, breeder, foundation, and certified seed producers. It ensures that seeds of improved and virus-free cassava varieties are multiplied and disseminated to farmers through a value chain in an economically sustainable manner.

Though Nigeria is a global leader in cassava production, yield per hectare has stagnated at below 10 tons per hectare, a situation that makes growers uncompetitive. In contrast, Asian farmers record more than 20 tons per ha from their farms.

The Foundation for Partnerships Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), one of the users of the model, said their farmers using the BASICS model have seen yields climb to more than 25 tons per hectare.

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