I have benefit said malam tanimu

Malam Tanimu was a family man, working in one ministry as a labourer where he is receiving some little amount as his salary, but Malam Tanimu do utilized it judiciously where at least he do spend #1000 mounthly as his house keeping money in buying of vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. One day Malam Tanimu realized some tomatoes and peppers where grown around a gutter at the front of his house, he decided to uproot them and replant them at the back of his house to give it a good management, he did so and in just somedays he started enjoying them where his #1000 that he do spend per month in buying tomatoes he save it. Then Malam Tanimu said to him self “Kai! Alhamdulillahi i do benefits woo from you my small garden”.
The lesson here is that having a garden in a house it’s of great important, as it will make you save your money in buying such kind of vegetables you do planted in your garden even if it’s not all the days.