Hydroponics: Urban Way of Growing Vegetables in Your Compound

5 tier stackable vertical herbs, vegetables planter- Urban Farming.


The planter is great for growing strawberries, herbs, succulents, flowers, peppers and much more in a small amount of space. Water from the top and with the flow through design you will not need to worry about over watering or root rot. If indoors, the bottom drip tray will catch any mess from occurring after a watering. The product is also extremely versatile with the option to hang or free stand. Also, you could break the 5 layers into two separate planters having a mini 2 tier herb garden and 3 tier strawberry planter. If you are growing hydroponically this is also the product for you. I am happy to help and field any questions you may have regarding hydroponics or gardening in general. The contents include 5 four clover pots - 20 planting locations and 1 wonderful fun gardening experience!

Features & details
L:12" W:12" H:28"; 25 Quart Soil Volume
Grow Food Efficiently At Home; Eliminate Weeds & Pests, 20 Plants 1 Square Foot
Space up to 85% Water & Space - Easy --> Plant. Stack. Water Top.
Flow Through Design - protects from over watering and root rot
5 Four Clover Stackable Planters, Bottom Saucer & a Wonderful Gardening Experience - Ideal Gift Ideas Too :slight_smile:

You can reach me for enquiries.

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You can contact me if you need it