Hybrid Watermelon Farming

I am based in Taraba State. I farm watermelon. A variety called Sukari F1 I obtained from Kenya. This variety is just too good. I normally cultivate 6800 - 7000 balls per hectare.

I recommend Sukari F1 to serious farmers who are after high value crops.



Hello sir, please how can I get the seed and can it grow well in Lagos . Thanks

I get my seeds from Kenya. It is called Sukari F1. Hybrid with excellent yield. Oblong in size and mature in just 75 days. Expected yield per hectare is 6800 balls. Expected Yield per acre is 3300 balls. Believe me, this is the best on earth!

Hello, Is it possible for you to
assist or make available the source on how you got the seedlings from Kenya?


You buy from Eseeds.com or from any of their outlets in Kenya, Uganda. 1000 grams is enough for hectare. 36 thousand our currency.

Please can we chat more about it on WhatsApp I want to get the seedlings also, 09066345329

I buy seeds from Kenya.

I buy through my brother who was in Kenya. He is no longer living in Kenya. Honestly, I can’t help you now regarding seeds. Sorry!