Human Resources Development and Marketing Development

Agricultural remains the largest employer of entrepreneurs in developing economies. It also remains the ready sector to generate wealth for communities. However it remains the one sector that has been slow in applying technology development to boost boost Human Resources Development and Marketing facilities for stakeholders. Farmers and entrepreneurs continue to use fore_ father tools and implements to farm and preserve their produce. Market for products and agricultural services continue to operate according to old traditions. The gap between researchers and stakeholders remain wide. Farmers and entrepreneurs remain poorly informed about research findings and tech developments on agriculture.
The regrettable consequences are that farmers fail to take advantage of new developments to boost agriculture and research scholars remain desk top farmers. Also agriculture markets are not equipped with the right facilities and persons to make trading convenient. Youths are not inspired to take yo agriculture. Farmers remain unmotivated and impoverished. However with introduction of this Facebook community we can all see some light. Bravo to this vision and team.


You are right, but our youth are not thinking in that direction. We need big time crusade to mobilized our youth toward agriculture, enough of importing food from other county

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