How To Start Yam Business

The harvest season is here! Benue being the largest producer of yams in Nigeria, and the food basket of the nation, has large amount of yams for sale, but sadly not everyone know how to tap into this wealth of yam business in Benue.
Do you know that with less than hundred thousand you could start your yam business? With approximately more than three hundred tubers!

Do you want to learn? Cheapmarketdeal, is live in Benue (Zaki Biam Yam Market- The largest in West Africa). Connect with us as we teach you how to start your own yam business.


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How To Start Yam Business From Benue State.
There is no doubt that Benue state Nigeria, is the largest producer of yams in Nigerians. Sadly, the potentials of this state hasn’t been fully utilised, either due to political factors or security reason. For examples, while Benue is the largest producers of most food items, food commodities are more cheaper in neighbouring states like Taraba, than Benue state.
The virtues in this state cannot be over stated, neither the wealth hidden in this state, nor the economic advantage the state holds for the country.
Benue holds the title of accommodating the largest yam market in west Africa. The million dollar question is how does one start a yam business from Benue state.
How To Start?
There are several yam markets in Benue state, ranging from donga to Zaki Biam yam market. While Zaki Biam Yam Market is the largest and the most popular market in West Africa. Just as the name implies, it is located in Zaki Biam town in Ukum local government area of Benue state ( though the town has a little history). Its a daily market, opening it doors to traders from Seven am to six pm, and trades from Monday to Saturday.

–Identifying The Need For Yams: It is paramount to identify the areas with needs for yam in your locality, before engaging in yam business, because not only Benue state produces yams. For examples, people stating around Ebu area of Delta state will find it stupid to visit to Benue to buy yams, and economically disadvantaged to visit Benue to buy yams, because they cultivate their own yams, but for people around Onitsha, Port Harcourt, and co, because if their large population, it is never to their disadvantage.

–Know your Routes: Yes, Benue is the largest producer of yams, it doesn’t mean they are the one stop point for buying yams in Nigeria, don’t forget other states in Nigeria produces yams, like Laipei in Niger, and WUKARI in Taraba state. Knowing your route simply means knowing where people in locality go to source their yams from. For example, only buyers from Southeast, Port Harcourt, some part of Delta state(Warri, Sapele, Oghara), Benin, Lagos and Asaba, visit Zaki Biam yam Market. Buyers from Kano, and Maiduguri stopped visiting the market because of unstableness. Imagine staying in Ibadan, saying you want to come down to Benue to buy yams, southwest produces yams, except you are coming to hire a full truck.

–Mode Of Transportation: Generally, transportation is the major problem of foodstuff business in Nigeria. While their many options on how to transport yams in Nigeria, only one option is fully utilised, which is the use of land. Which is divided into:
*the use of luxury buses
*the use of trucks.

The use of luxury buses: Luxury buses only ply Onitsha-Zaki Biam routes, with stops at Enugu, Awka, Abakeliliki, Nkpor, Abagana. Someone living along the way these routes could use these means to transport yams. The average price per hundred tuber is seven thousand naira to transport. The highest the luxury buses can take per person is seven hundred tubers. It is important to know that booking down ahead of time is so as not to get one stuck. The major advantages of this form is that, it can take both passengers and goods, and a things being equal one can arrive their destination the following day.

–The use of trucks: There are two types of trucks;
~the nine one one
~the man diesel

~The Nine One One: it’d made of wood and ply only southeast. It doesn’t ply Lagos, Warri etc, excerpt when agreed. The truck is made of fine coaches, it cost about two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty thousand to hire. Though prices depends on seasonality and security, and distance. All trucks are assigned to an agent (also called a charter man). A coach can take minimum one thousand four hundred tubers (depends on sizes, can take more), multiplied by five.

~~The Man Diesel: The man diesel is made of steel, and is popular called so because of the trucks head(which is a daf product, with man diesel written on it). It is made of nine coaches, and each can contain minimum of one thousand four hundred tubers. The cost of hiring one to Warri is between five hundred to six hundred thousand naira. Man diesel mainly ply routes outside Southeast.

–Buying: There are factors to consider when buying yams from Benue state.
~they willnt count the yams without money.
~You have up to the fifty tuber of yams to reject it. After that it automatically becomes yours.
~If you are buying, more than five hundred tubers to other location, it is important to get a truck first before you make purchases.
~Always ensure to mark your yams and pay for shed money.

–Conclusion: After buying you are required to take your yams to the point of convergence, or point the truck is loading. It cost two hundred naira for them to load hundred yams. It is easier to get transport to locations within southeast.
Security is paramount in Benue, always move in groups, stick along and don’t work alone. Be careful always!!

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