How To Start Orchard Farming In Nigeria: Your Money Making Venture

Orchard farming agribusiness investment is a very good venture that you can start and make good returns after two to three years. An orchard is the intentional planting of different kinds of fruit trees for food production. You need to know that an orchard can be made up of either fruit or nut producing trees, or both. When you consider the increasing number of juice producing companies in Nigeria, then you will see the profitability of orchard farming in Nigeria.

Before starting your orchard farming business in Nigeria, it will be very essential for you to know the most profitable crop farming in Nigeria. You shouldn’t just venture into orchard farming without having a good list of the fruit or nut plants to cultivate. Pineapple farming in Nigeria, orange farming in Nigeria, plantain farming in Nigeria, etc are all very lucrative fruit farming businesses.

While starting your orchard farming business in Nigeria, you need to have good understanding of the necessary farming techniques. The purpose of this article is to provide you will all the needed guidelines to make you successful. Orchard farming might not give you the money in as quickly as you might desire it. In order to enjoy the dividends of this very lucrative business, your patience will certainly be needed.

Why Start An Orchard Farming Business In Nigeria

In Nigeria today, there is no culture or religion that is against the consumption of fruits. This means that you will constantly have a huge market to sell your farm produce to in Nigeria. Fruits have great and awesome health benefits thereby making everyone your customer in Nigeria. Orchard farming business is a money maker that you really need to consider in Nigeria.

The Fruits You Can Consider Planting In Your Orchard

You can consider the following fruits when starting your orchard farming business in Nigeria. Mangoes, cashew, orange, tangerine, watermelon, pineapple, apple, coconut, pawpaw, soursop, sugar cane, and velvet tamarind.

Requirements For Starting Your Orchard Farming Business In Nigeria

Before you venture into an orchard farming business, there are certain essential things you need to put in place.

  • A good orchard farming business plan

Your orchard farming business plan need to be handy before you start the business proper. Without your business plan, you will simply be operating on a flawed foundation that can’t sustain your business. So, the first thing you need to do before starting your orchard farming business is get a business plan.

The business plan is not only for your guide on how to kick start the business, it also help you source for loans as well. You cannot approach any government agency or private institution or investor for loan when you don’t have a business plan.

  • Site selection and preparation

When selecting the farmland for your orchard farming business in Nigeria, you need to consider the different crops you want to cultivate. You also need to ensure that the land you have selected won’t be needed for any other activity in the near future. The land should also be a gently undulating piece of land in order to improve the drainage capacity of the soil.

After you must have selected the land, the next point of call is to prepare the farmland for the planting of your crops.


  • The type of fruit to be planted in your orchard

You will have to select the fruits to cultivate in your orchard farming business in Nigeria based on the type of land at your disposal. Before selecting the fruits, you must make sure that the land supports the growth of such plants. As an orchard farmer in Nigeria, you need to ensure that the selected fruits will thrive in the chosen vegetation belt.

You need to also know that there is a standard orchard layout pattern in which the crops will be planted in the orchard. The most common orchard layout is planting the plants in rows while cover crops are planted on the bare surface. The pattern allows the tree crops to serve as windbreaks to reduce erosion and conserve soil nutrients as well.

  • The plant population in your orchard

It is very important that you plant the number of plants you can maintain and care for in your orchard farming business in Nigeria. When you don’t give the plants all the needed attention in the orchard, it reduces production and profit id reduced as well. The time of planting is also very vital to optimal growth and development of the plants in your orchard.

  • Pest and diseases

As you are starting up your orchard farming business in Nigeria, it is very important that you understand disease prevention and control techniques. Even if you have put all the necessary requirements in place while starting your orchard farming business, disease and pest control is important. The pest and diseases can negatively affect the output of your harvest, hence drastically reducing the returns on investment.

You can always make use of pesticides, fungicides, etc to control pests and diseases in your orchard farm.

  • Harvesting and marketing

Maturity and ripening of the fruits in your orchard will very easy for you to detect. Most times, the trees like orange tree, mango tree, cashew tree, lemon tree, etc take a while before fruiting. You need to contact local buyers and fruit juice manufacturing companies in Nigeria prior to the ripening of the fruits in the orchard.

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